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prevent animal rescue burnout tips

Tips for Preventing Animal Rescue Burnout

As much as rescuing animals is rewarding, it can also lead to exhaustion and stress. So, it is VERY important that you try putting yourself first, otherwise, your mental and physical health could suffer, and...

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best probiotic for dogs

FortiFlora Review: The Best Probiotic for Dogs

FortiFlora by Purina is what I consider to be the best probiotic for dogs. Since its release in the late 2000s, or at least when it was introduced to the vet I worked at, it’s...

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best way to clean dogs ears

The Best Way to Clean Dogs’ Ears in 5 Steps

Is there a best way to clean dogs’ ears? I think so because you can do it superficially with something like wipes, and that’s fine, if your dog just got something on his fur or...

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