Epi-Otic Review: The Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

best dog ear cleaning solution
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Epi-Otic is what I would call an O.G. as far as dog ear cleaning solutions go. It has managed to stay relevant for years, especially in the veterinary field with vets often recommending it to their patients. Personally, I feel it’s still the best dog ear cleaning solution out there today, simply based on my experience with it both as a vet tech and at home for use on my own critters.

My Experience with Epi-Otic

As a vet tech, I became VERY familiar with Epi-Otic thanks to the days filled with cleaning dogs’ ears with the solution until they were squeaky clean. Usually, it was either pet owners who had no idea that they needed to clean their dog’s ears or owners who had already had some experiences with their dog having ear infections but just couldn’t seem to keep the infections at bay.

best dog ear cleaning solution

Don’t worry if you’re one of those people who had no idea about cleaning your dog’s ears. It’s not your fault. Sometimes dogs get by with just shaking their head to get stuff out of their ears and manage to keep them clean that way for a long time. So, you might not even think cleaning is necessary until something like a bad smell or your dog tilting or scratching his head starts to worry you. Then you go to a vet and find out his ears are really dirty or that he has an infection.

The good thing is that once you realize they do need cleaning, you can start a routine with a solution like Epi-Otic. Cleaning and checking their ears is, in fact, necessary because dogs can’t just pick stuff out of their ears like we can, and sometimes that stuff starts to build up, which can lead to an infection. So, it’s always a good idea to check their ears and do some cleaning once in a while just to be on the safe side.

Why Epi-Otic is the Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

One of the reasons I think Epi-Otic is the best dog ear cleaning solution is because it is very helpful for dogs who have yeast or bacterial ear infections that just don’t seem to go away. What I observed is that a lot of times, when veterinarians noticed that the infection was chronic, they would recommend Epi-Otic long-term, usually something like every day for a week or while on antibiotics, then every other day for another week, then once or twice a week once they’ve recovered.

The solution has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which means it helps prevent bacteria and yeast from overgrowing and causing an infection. It’s not an antibiotic, but using it routinely helps reduce the amount of bacteria and yeast in your dog’s ears, making it less likely that they will develop an infection.

Veterinary technicians are typically tasked with making follow-up phone calls to check on patients and see how they are doing, and I heard a lot over the phone and in person from people who said that the Epi-Otic was really helping with the frequent infections and that their dog hadn’t gotten one in X amount of time, or that they got way less ear infections since using the solution on a regular basis.

Is Epi-Otic Safe?

Another reason Epi-Otic is the best dog ear cleaning solution is because it’s very safe. It is used in most vets offices, so you don’t have to have that fear of pouring something down your dog’s ears and not know if it is going to do them more harm than good. Trust me, especially when the ears are in really bad shape with a lot of wax or dirt in them, we pour a good amount in there (that’s then cleaned with some cotton or gauze) sometimes twice until the ears are visibly clean. I also really like that it doesn’t leave the ears feeling wet or sticky, and it actually has a very clean/fresh scent to it.

Some dog ear washes contain alcohol and other irritants, and you’ll notice right away when using them, that it stings their ears because they’ll fuss a lot and their ears might end up looking even more swollen or red than before. With Epi-Otic, of course, dogs may still be resistant because, I mean, who likes liquid being poured into their ear? But once you get it in there and start massaging, they totally enjoy it…like an itch you finally get to scratch, and it doesn’t cause any stinging or irritation. 

So, if you’re looking for a good ear cleaner for your dog, you can feel safe using Epi-Otic.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you and your critters health and happiness, always!

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